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Nova Taq Premix (2X conc., without dNTPs mixture)

Ref: AB12008 - Format: 5 mL
DS  Imagen 1   MSDS  Imagen 2
Manufacturer: Gennova

Nova Taq Premix is a premixed solution containing everything needed for successful PCR reaction except specific primers and DNA template.
The mix includes high-quality recombinant Nova Taq DNA polymerase, nucleotides and magnesium in a PCR reaction buffer.
For the reaction set-up add the PCR Mix (10 or 25 μL) to the primers, template and water for the total reaction volume of 20 or 50 μL.

Nova Taq Premix is a premix for all your everyday PCR reactions, gene expression profiling, Microbial & Viral pathogen detection. This Nova Premix allows efficient amplification from GC-rich and AT-rich templates, under fast and standard cycling conditions.

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