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Nova RedTaq DNA Polymerase (with red dye)

Ref: AB12015 - Format: 500 units
DS  Imagen 1   MSDS  Imagen 2
Manufacturer: Gennova

Nova RedTaq DNA Polymerase has a special formulation with added inert red dye. This makes it very suitable for standard applications. Strong red color of the enzyme allows user to check the polymerase addition and verify adequate mixing.
Reaction products are ready for direct gel loading and the dye serves as marker for electrophoresis progress monitoring. Nova RedTaq DNA Polymerase has 5’→ 3’ DNA synthesis activity.

The Nova RedTaq Polymerase is a robust enzyme for all your everyday PCR applications including genotyping, screening and library construction. This Taq DNA Polymerase can perform consistently well on a broad range of templates (including both GC and AT rich).

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