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ZytoDot 2C SPEC FGFR2/CEN 10 Probe

Ref : C-3056-400 - Nº Test : 40 - Format : 0,4 ml
Manufacturer: ZytoVision


The ZytoDot ® 2C SPEC FGFR2/CEN 10 Probe is designed for the detection of FGFR2 gene amplifications frequently observed in breast cancer as well as in gastric cancer.
The FGFR2 (fibroblast growth factor gene 2, a.k.a. BEK) gene is located on chromosome 10q26 and encodes splice variants of the receptor tyrosine kinases FGFR2b and FGFR2c.
Amplification of the FGFR2 gene leads to overexpression of the FGFR2 protein and subsequently to signal activation. Additionally,
during the amplification process the C-terminal deletion of FGFR2 can occur due to exclusion of the last exon from the FGFR2 amplicon. Both, overexpression and deletion of the last exon result in FGFR2 signaling activation based on constitutive phosphorylation of the FRS2 adaptor molecule.
The process of ligand independent FGFR2 signaling leads to a more severe malignant phenotype of these tumors. Moreover, high FGFR2 expression is correlated with poor overall survival (OS) and poor disease-free survival (DFS) rates in breast cancer patients. Consequently, FGFR2 gene amplification detected by Chromogenic in situ Hybridization might be used as a prognostic marker in breast cancer.



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Probe Description

The ZytoDot ® 2C SPEC FGFR2/CEN 10 Probe is a mixture of a Dinitrophenyllabeled CEN 10 probe specific for the alpha satellite centromeric region of chromosome 10 (D10Z1) and a Digoxigeninlabeled probe specific for the FGFR2 gene at 10q26.



In a normal interphase nucleus, using the ZytoDot ® 2C CISH Implementation Kit two red (CEN 10) and two green (FGFR2)
signals are expected. Nuclei with amplification of the FGFR2 gene locus at 10q26 or polysomy of chromosome 10 will show multiple copies of the green signal or large green signal clusters.

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