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ZytoDot 2C SPEC EGFR/CEN 7 Probe

Ref : C-3033-400 - Nº Test : 40 - Format : 0,4 ml
Manufacturer: ZytoVision


The ZytoDot ® 2C SPEC EGFR/CEN 7 Probe is designed for the simultaneous detection of EGFR and centromere 7 in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections and cell samples.
The EGFR gene (a.k.a. ERBB1 and HER1) is located in the chromosomal region 7p12 and encodes a transmembrane glycoprotein acting as a cellular growth factor receptor.
Overexpression of EGFR has been shown in a number of tumor entities and is associated with poor prognosis. EGFR copy number identified by in situ Hybridization is thought to be a molecular predictor in neoplasms.



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Probe Description

The ZytoDot ® 2C SPEC EGFR/CEN 7 Probe is a mixture of a Digoxigenin-labeled clone contig specific for the EGFR gene at 7p12 and a Dinitrophenyl-labeled CEN 7 probe specific for the alpha satellite centromeric region of chromosome 7 (D7Z1).



In a normal interphase nucleus, using the ZytoDot ® 2C CISH Implementation Kit two green and two red signals are expected. In a cell with amplification of the EGFR gene locus, multiple copies of the green signal or green signal clusters will be observed.

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