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ZytoDot 2C SPEC CHOP Break Apart Probe

Ref : C-3047-100 - Nº Test : 10 - Format : 0,1 ml
Manufacturer: ZytoVision


The ZytoDot ® 2C SPEC CHOP Break Apart Probe is designed to detect translocations involving the chromosomal region 12q13 harboring the CHOP (C/EBPhomologous protein) gene (a.k.a. DDIT3, GADD153) in formalin-fixed, paraffinembedded tissue sections or cell samples.
The CHOP gene encodes for a stressinduced dominant-negative inhibitor of the transcription factors C/EBP and LAP.
CHOP is consistently rearranged in myxoid liposarcomas (MLS). The most frequent translocation involving the CHOP gene region is t(12;16)(q13;q11) and occurs in about 90% of patients with MLS. The rearrangement results in a fusion gene comprising the 5´part of the FUS (fused in sarcoma) gene, located in 16p11, and the complete coding region of the CHOP gene. The FUS-CHOP fusion protein acts as an abnormal transcription factor and development of myxoid liposarcomas is thus regarded as a consequence of deregulated FUS-CHOP target genes.
Differential diagnosis of liposarcomas and accurate classification, the latter being especially important with regard to appropriate treatment and prognosis, are often problematic. Therefore, detection of CHOP rearrangements via ISH analysis is a valuable tool to confirm the histopathological diagnosis of myxoid liposacrcoma.



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Probe Description

The ZytoDot ® 2C CHOP Break Apart Probe is a mixture of a Digoxigenin-labeled and a Dinitrophenyl-labeled probe hybridizing to the 12q13 band. The DNP-labeled probe hybridizes proximal to the CHOP gene and the DIG-labeled probe hybridizes distal to that gene.



In an interphase nucleus of a normal cell lacking a translocation involving the 12q13 band, using the ZytoDot ® 2C CISH Implementation Kit, two red/green fusion signals are expected representing two normal (non-rearranged) 12q13 loci. A signal pattern consisting of one red/ green fusion signal, one red signal, and a separate green signal indicates one normal 12q13 locus and one 12q13 locus affected by a translocation or inversion.

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