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ZytoLight SPEC HER2/CEN 17 Dual Color Probe Kit

Ref : Z-2020-20 - Nº Test : 20 - Format :
Manufacturer: ZytoVision


The ZytoLight ® SPEC HER2/CEN 17 Dual Color Probe is designed for the detection of HER2 gene amplification frequently observed in solid malignant neoplasms e.g. breast cancer samples. The HER2 gene (a.k.a. ERBB2 and NEU) is located in the chromosomal region 17q12 and encodes a 185-190 kDa transmembrane glycoprotein, p185, acting as a cellular growth factor receptor. The p185 protein belongs to the EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) subgroup of the RTK (receptor tyrosine kinase) superfamily also including ERBB1 (HER1), ERBB3 (HER3), and ERBB4 (HER4). Amplification of the proto-oncogene HER2, observed in approximately 20% of all breast cancer samples, has been correlated with a poor prognosis of the disease. Similar results have been obtained for a variety of other malignant neoplasms e.g. ovarian cancer, stomach cancer, and carcinomas of the salivary gland.



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Probe Description

The SPEC HER2/CEN 17 Dual Color Probe is a mixture of an orange fluorochrome direct labeled CEN 17 probe specific for the alpha satellite centromeric region of chromosome 17 (D17Z1) and a green fluorochrome direct labeled SPEC HER2 probe specific for the HER2 gene at 17q12.



In a normal interphase nucleus, two orange and two green signals are expected. In a cell with amplification of the HER2 gene locus, multiple copies of the green signal or green signal clusters will be observed.

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