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ZytoDot 2C SPEC TOP2A/CEN 17 Probe

Ref : C-3040-400 - Nº Test : 40 - Format : 0,4 ml
Manufacturer: ZytoVision


The ZytoDot ® 2C SPEC TOP2A/CEN 17 Probe is designed for the detection of TOP2A deletions and gene amplifications in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections or cell samples.
The TOP2A (topoisomerase II alpha) gene is located in the chromosomal region 17q21-17q22 and encodes for a 170 kDa DNA topoisomerase which controls and alters the topologic state of DNA during replication, transcription, and chromosome segregation.
TOP2A gene copy number changes are frequently observed in the majority of HER2/neu amplified primary breast tumors as well as in other human malignancies without simultaneous HER2/neu amplification e.g. acute lymphoblastic leukemias, gastric and bladder carcinomas.
Recent data suggests that amplification and deletion of the TOP2A gene locus may account for relative chemosensitivity or resistance to TOP2A inhibitor therapy, respectively. Thus, determination of the TOP2A status may predict benefit from adjuvant anthracyclines in HER2 positive breast cancer.



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Probe Description

The ZytoDot ® 2C SPEC TOP2A/CEN 17 Probe is a mixture of a Digoxigenin-labeled clone contig specific for the TOP2A gene at 17q21-22 and a Dinitrophenyllabeled CEN 17 probe specific for the alpha satellite centromeric region of chromosome 17 (D17Z1).


In a normal interphase nucleus, using the ZytoDot ® 2C CISH Implementation Kit two green and two red signals are expected.
In a cell with amplification of the TOP2A gene locus, multiple copies of the green signal or green signal clusters will be observed.

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